Wanna Learn to Play the Guitar?

I’m giving my first official (i.e. getting paid for it, sorta; he’s going to help me do renovations around my house in exchange; at least HE BETTER) guitar lesson tomorrow night. I have an old, cheap classical guitar which belongs to my brother. I rarely play it now, but I can read music and figure out a tune, so I have some skill I can pass on. My student wants to know how to play simple rock riffs, like those from AC/DC, Beatles, etc. I’ll be teaching from tablature, like this one for Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, or Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.

Any suggestions on popular, easy tunes I could teach a beginner? I don’t think he’s interested in learning Mood For A Day by Yes, or Little Wing by Jimi. Yet.

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  1. “See that boy with that guitar. He’s got skinny legs like I’ve always wanted.” Show him how to play Skinny Legs, or Brook Trout!

  2. there’s a nirvana song that is supposed to be the easiest song in the world to play. I remember trying for 2 days to figure it out, and then i gave up on guitar.

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