2 Replies to “Warning: Walnuts Are Nuts”

  1. I was watching 20/20 last week and they did a story on excessive warning labels on products. You can catch the summary of the story here.

    It was quite funny.

    Some highlights:

    1. Hair Dryer: “Never use while sleeping.”
    2. Birthday Candles: “Do not use soft wax as ear plugs.”
    3. Power Drill: “Not intended for use as a dental drill.”
    4. A CD Holder with wires half an inch apart: “Not to be used as a ladder”
    5. Garfield Back Massager: “Do not use while unconscious.”

  2. There are lots of sites listing stupid label warnings. I was going to post an entry about it but I saw it was common on a lot of other sites.

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