Wasting Money

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SPI’ve never owned a portable electronic game system, although I’ve always had a small desire to have one (damn commercialism). So recently, I decided to look into buying a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP, which costs around $90 in Canada.

I considered other popular, portable choices: Sony PSP is too expensive and fragile-looking; the dual-screen Nintendo DS would probably have games too complicated or confusing for my simple brain.

The Gameboy has been around the longest; there are a billion games available for it. The first game I’ll probably get for it is Tetris, although I’m open to recommendations. I have no patience for games that require a manual or have annoying puzzles like mazes. Here’s a list of games that pique my interest:

  • Racing Gears Advance. I like racing car games.
  • WarioWare Inc.: Mega MicroGame$. Its review makes it seem like it wouldn’t bore me.
  • Virtual Kasparov, a chess game, although this one doesn’t sound promising.
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, only because it has the highest rating.

8 Replies to “Wasting Money”

  1. Do you want it for its portability, or to just have some games to play? If you just want to play games, just play em on the puter.

    I *may* have about 2200 of my own gameboy advance games backed up on the computer that I would be willing to lend to you for the legal 24 hour demo.

    You’re welcome.

  2. When did you suddenly die and win the lotto? Cause I ain’t seen one cent of what I’m unrightfully owed.

    Wanna buy my gameboy advance? I got like 2 games for it.. Advance Wars! and something else that I can’t remember right now! Some adventure puzzle game that I’m sure you’ll love to hate.

    I’ll be in monctown on the 26th for niall’s funeral. I mean, wedding. I could drop it off to you then, IF you can stand to wait all that time! Or I could send it in the mail, whatever.

  3. jody my friend, have i got a deal for you! the woman just got a DS, and she wants me to find someone to buy her gameboy advance. $40!

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