Weasals Having A Ball

weasel ballA Weasal Ball is a plastic ball operated by batteries with a weasel attached to it. When it’s turned on, the weasel frolics to and fro as if trying to detach itself from the ball. I recently bought one in Michigan, and my children love it. Hours of entertainment. Hours.

Weaselballs.com sells them online:

We sell weasel balls, and that’s all. We don’t sell underwear, lawncare supplies or automatic weapons… anymore — just a weasel and a ball, inextricably linked, forever and ever. The seasons will pass — years may fly by, yet the weasel and ball relationship remains consistent. The weasel desires the ball, yet the ball is indifferent, maybe even a little bit distant. It flees. The weasel pursues. It is comedy and tragedy all rolled into one.

2 Replies to “Weasals Having A Ball”

  1. oh yeah, sure wish i was a saleman for this company…

    “Hi I sell weasel balls.”
    “You have what?”
    Weasel Balls!”

    depending on who you discuss this with, could be a good thing or perhaps not…

  2. I forgot about this: I bought one a few years ago during a trip to the US. It freaks the cat out and entertains the kids for HOURS.

    That Random Post thing in the sidebar is cool!

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