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WebcamLast week I purchased 2 webcams, one for my girlfriend, who will be working in another province in a couple weeks, and one for me. I installed one camera on my PC, the other one on my girlfriend’s laptop. Both cameras work fine; no problems.

But now it looks like I’ll be going leaving the province with my girlfriend, so I don’t need the second webcam. (I don’t need the first one either, but I’ve already used it to talk with my niece, and it’s too much fun to give up.) If you ordered the camera online like I did, it’d cost you $50 + taxes and shipping. I’m selling it for $40, plus a few dollars shipping (in cheap old Canadian dollars too!). And I even take PayPal.

It’s a brand new webcam, so you’ll get everything you’d get if you bought in the store: instruction booklet, installation software, the works. Anyone interested can leave a comment.

Update (Dec. 4/05): Nobody wanted the webcam, so I gave it to my mother.

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  1. I would like to know if this is in montreal because if it is, I am very interested.