Websites From Guys Named Bob

BobIn the spirit of websites from guys named Keith, here are reviews of websites from guys named Bob (in no particular order):

  • Avs Bob’s Homepage: Bob recommends “Best viewed with Microsoft Explorer, 800×600, a monitor, and a computer”. Pretty funny, Bob. I think Bob likes hockey.
  • Bob’s homepage: Looks like Bob bought his own domain, where he offers “over 50 pages of complete rubbish from the underage drinking hotspot of Crewe and Nantwich.” Bob’s site features The Good Wife Guide – Essential reading for the modern woman, which I think is from a magazine of the 1920s – it looks familiar.
  • Bob’s Homepage: Bob’s been to Hawaii, the lucky dog. He likes email: “I’d love to find out about you – please feel free to contact me at I hope to hear from you soon.”
  • Bob’s Homepage.html: “Bob is a party, Internet kind of guy who likes neat links and good bands”. Unfortunately, the one link on the page doesn’t work.
  • Dr. Bob’s Quit Smoking Page:: “Helpful facts and tips on how and why to quit smoking prepared by Dr Bob, a physician trained in both Internal Medicine and Psychiatry”. There are a lot of Dr. Bob’s.
  • A Band Named Bob: a website from the band A Band Named Bob. Cute. Featuring two Bob’s and a Barbara playing violin, piano accordion, piano, mandolin, and guitar. They have some poor sample WAV files.

Overall, I think Bob’s sites are better than Keith’s, though Keith’s are funnier.

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  1. I thought about posting websites from people named Daphne. This one is the best:

    I couldn’t find anything that compared to Keith’s webiste, the guy who likes to get his eats on. He’s probably a CEO now.

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