Here are websites I read regularly. Most of them are in my Google Reader account. They’re not in any particular order. I’ll put these sites on a non-post page sometime.

  • His wit is often way over my head, especially with his QueryLog site, which I’ve posted about before. I don’t remember how I discovered his sites; I stumbled on his or vice versa, but ever since I like to think we’ve become friends; we have a lot in common.
  • Larocque and Roll: Another person I’ve gotten to know a little bit through their stumbling on SWT or me on their site. The author is a librarian, which I’ve convinced myself to be my dream job I should have pursued. She writes about books, knitting, and life as a librarian. I like these quiet-ish sites.
  • The J-Walk Blog: I read his Excel-related website before he had a blog, and then I think I sent him posting ideas in the first couple years. His site inspired this one. I don’t know how he does it, often posting 15+ topics a day. He did mention quiting once, almost causing the internet to collapse from anxiety.
  • Hollywood and Pender’s Fabulous Journal of Stuff We Done!!!!: A former co-worker, Pender posts infrequently about whatever tickles his fancy. He should introduce something new into his life so we can read his adventures with it. How about getting a dog, Pender? Or a llama?
  • The Rekounas Blog: I work with Greg. We have different types of humor; his content often doesn’t appeal to me, but occasionally he’ll post a gem.
  • Oh Me Nerves: Written by another former co-worker, Steve’s site is a great example of making a personal website their own – it has personality. He posts a lot of family content, but also opinions and observations. Good stuff, even if you’re not a Newfie.
  • Stupid Evil Bastard: Anything but stupid and evil, which makes his blog worth reading. The man is good at expressing himself; it’s a pleasure to read well-written strong opinions, even if you don’t agree with them all the time.
  • ReelViews: Movie Reviews and Criticism by James Berardinelli: Another site I’ve been visiting forever; I think I’ve been reading James’ reviews when he posted to, before he had a website. I’m not sure why I continue to read his site; I rarely see movies anymore unless they’re meant for children.
  • Unca Harlan’s Art Deco Dining Pavilion. What, never heard of it?! It’s a forum for Harlan Ellison fans. I’ve been visiting it for a long time. Harlan posts sporadically, but when he does it’s always a pleasure to read. I usually ignore most everything else.
  • Mud Songs: Yeah, this is Phillip’s website; his official web presence to help promote his activities in the film industry. He has a blog category that he mainly uses to post about film reviews.
  • World Of Warcraft Warlock Forum: Ignore this if you don’t know what War Of Warcraft is. My main is a level 70 horde warlock, and like anything I take an interest in, I want to know as much about it as I can.
  • CBC News: This is my main source of news. They tend to have news about hockey on the front page, but I’ll live with that any day over CNN’s regular front page posting of useless, stupid celebrity events like Paris Hilton’s latest pimple location.

I wish my dad and tommyboy had blogs.

I read other sites (eg. Wired, The Dilbert Blog, etc.), but I felt like commenting on the above in particular.

The coolest thing about the blog business is meeting people from around the world, sometimes becoming friends with them. I think I know someone I’ve never met in Seattle, Washington better than I know my next door neighbor. Weird, eh?


  1. in my youth i had disovered a truism..and it has served me well in regards to “stuff” or aquiring things….like…a truck, in ground pools, tools, money, housing, cell phone, initiative….i do not need these things i just need to know people who do..and since i do….i don’t…the same holds true for blogs….i do not need one…you have one….

  2. I’m totally going to plagiarize this idea and try to pass it off as my own!!

    You’re right about me though, I do post infrequently. It takes days for me to come up with the crap I already spew out.. I can’t imagine trying to post wonderful drivel like this EVERY day!

  3. Oh, by the way, before the spellcheck timurids (I wouldn’t want to compare anyone to the 3rd Reich) jump on me over my subpar spelling, Google it. More interesting conversation on urninals.

  4. Awww… thanks! I do need to post more often, though. If I weren’t so preoccupied with weeding the gardens, I might…

  5. Neat blog, and Oh Me Nerves is a fave of mine as well. And I have not been allowed to play WOW since my son was born…he is very restrictive of my activities!

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