What about Opera?

Firefox doesn’t work on my PC anymore. (I wrote a comment about it.) I removed all recently-installed programs incase they were the source of the problem. I did a virus scan and a spyware scan. I removed Firefox, defragged my hard drive, and reinstalled Firefox. It’s still not working, and I’m not interested in wasting anymore time trying to fix it (unless it’s an easy fix I’ve overlooked). So I’m thinking about switching to Opera, which I know nothing about.

Anyone ever use Opera?

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  1. I was going to ask if you made sure you uninstalled all of the extentions before uninstalling Firefox, but it sounds like it’s a different problem altogether.

  2. I used it years ago. I liked it. They used an MDI (multiple document interface) much like WordPerfect. Instead of launching multiple browsers like that piece of Shit IE, any popups would be opened within the browser. That is the most I remember about it. It had all the same features as any other browser I guess. I think there was also a setting to make it emulate other browsers like Mozilla or IE. I removed it because of the stupid adbar they had along the top but someone, maybe Jody, told me that it has since been removed.

  3. This seems like a well-informed review of all the current browsers. I’ll give Firefox one more go, but I’m curious to see what Opera is like now.

  4. I just installed Opera and it’s sleek looking. Very fast install. Definitely better looking than IE and newer too. Looks like a theme that you would see in Firefox. I like it but I am sticking to Firefox for now.

  5. I installed Opera 10 minutes ago. It changes the appearance of some fonts, but no biggy. Didn’t have any problem transferring my own bookmarks. They’re in a subfolder of the default bookmark folder, which is a bit of a headache, but it’s the same headache you get with any bookmark transfer; at least they’re there. I had to fool around to get Whole Wheat Radio to play in WinAmp by default — but that only took about a minute to figure out. Recreating my old toolbar will be essential for me. It has a built-in spellchecker which I haven’t used yet. So far (very early report here) it seems inutitive and easy to figure out. And it’s fast. Now let’s try out the spellchecker. Okay, that’s not available at the moment. I’ll get back to you.

  6. I wrote my last comment here, then did a bunch of other stuff, and then came back here. Opera was fast in rendering the page — because it rendered the old version of this page, the one WITHOUT this comment. Not good.

  7. I got tired of having to refresh a page to make sure Opera was rendering it properly. I visit too many sites that change from minute-to-minute, and I had to hit refresh every time I went back to them — Opera did not refresh them automatically. I tried to fix it, couldn’t figure it out in a less than 5 minutes, so I reinstalled FireFox, this time removing all my extensions except “Tabbrowser Preferences,” and now it’s back to normal. The adblock extension always seemed to cause problems for me; pages often took forever to download. I’ll see how long I can live without it before I install it again.

    I visited a few torrent sites a few days ago, and I remember that’s when I first began having problems with FireFox. (Most torrent sites are being sued and monitored by the American movie association, whatever it’s called; torrents site everywhere I being shut down.) I wonder if I picked up some kind of bug by visiting one of those sites.

    At any rate, I still have Opera installed and will experiement with it for the next little while.

    It’s pretty damn hard to give up FireFox (when it’s working).

  8. That problem where it’s not picking up changes is page caching, you should be able to disable that in some easy-to-find option.

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