What Does That Rhyme With?

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One and two syllable Last Syllable Rhymes of table:

abel, able, amble, babel, bible, bramble, cable, campbell, crumble, cymbal, fable, feeble, foible, fumble, gable, gamble, gambol, garble, gerbil, gerbille, global, grumble, herbal, humble, jumble, label, labile, libel, marble, mobil, mobile, mumble, nimble, noble, nubile, ramble, ruble, rumble, sable, scramble, semble, shamble, stable, stumble, symbol, table, thimble, timbale, tremble, tribal, tumble, umbel, warble, wimble

I was going to write a poem about Steel White Table using all those words, but gave up after:

Some people read Steel White Table
Including the guy named Abel
(Although you may think it’s a fable)

Incidently, for that:

at, bat, batt, begat, bobcat, brat, brickbat, cat, chat, chitchat, combat, cravat, defat, dingbat, doormat, drat, fat, flat, format, gnat, hat, hellcat, hepcat, housesat, jurat, landsat, mat, matt, matte, muscat, muskrat, nonfat, pat, plat, polecat, rat, sat, scat, scatt, skat, slat, spat, splat, sprat, stat, tat, that, thereat, tomcat, vat, whereat, wildcat, wombat

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  1. Well… close, but no cigar.

    One and two syllable End Rhymes of orange:
    challenge, expunge, lozenge, lunge, orange, plunge, scavenge, sponge

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