What Famous Person Do You Look Like?

ANALOGIA: Star Estimator:

Our engine… will find most matching similarities between your portrait and 200 photos of Top Stars. Pattern recognition software will test you. It shows 3 best matches, and, finally, only you decide if you are looking like those famous persons.

I submitted this photo of Brother Phillip:
Here are the results:
Client Eastwood Rutger Hauer Sting

(via J-Walk)

3 Replies to “What Famous Person Do You Look Like?”

  1. That can’t be right. None of those guys have a beard! Clint Eastwood and Rudger Hauer — that’s cool. Sting, can’t stand ’em. Boy, did he ever go downhill. The pap he’s putting out.

    (Wow, what a great comment I wrote here.)

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