I got back from a two day motorcycling trip today, staying at Penderwood‘s the night. It was a good trip, except I wish my wife was with me to share the experience: it was fun. I took the back roads for most of the ride: less noise and traffic; more exciting turns, hills, and blind-spots; interesting things to see.

Here are some statistics from the trip:

  • One person asked to buy my bike.
  • Four people (not including the one above) stopped to admire and talk about the bike.
  • A big-ass fly flew IN my helmet, buzzing millimeters from my eyes as it was trapped between my face in the visor.
  • 99% of other riders waved.
  • I travelled 628 km.
  • I got an average of 17 km/Liter, 5.97 liters per 100 km, or 48 MPG.
  • Average price per liter (premium gas) was $1.05.
  • I burned 38 liters of gas.

Thanks to Pender and Carrie for allowing me to breath their air and buy good Lower Sackville food that markets itself as Chinese.

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  1. On your days off, I worked my ass off and got round the clock calls to do shit. Don’t ever take a day off again.

    BTW, I have a 2 for one Large Donairs from Freddies. We gotta go this week as well as Kart racing. Coupons expire this month ya know. Oh, and my birthday is next week.

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