What Makes A “Great” Hacker?

Great Hackers, an interesting essay by Paul Graham about programming, what he thinks makes a hacker “great”, and the difference between a programmer working because they have to and working because they want to:

If we want to get the most out of them, we need to understand these especially productive people. What motivates them? What do they need to do their jobs? How do you recognize them? How do you get them to come and work for you? And then of course there’s the question, how do you become one?

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  1. I think i’m kinda in between “wanting to” and “have to”. I mean, i’d much rather not have to come to work, and i probably wouldn’t do any coding on my own now after doing this for so long, but there is really nothing i’d rather be doing as a JOB than coding. ok, maybe i could be a pro soccer player….. :(

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