What Should I Blog About?

The number of posts at SWT has declined the past year. I used to post about every stupid thing, but now I rely on J-Walk and similar sites for my daily dose of useless information, knowing everyone in the world reads them, too.

So, what should I post about? Similar stupid stuff that every other site posts? More incidents about the kids’ mischiefs? Reviews? Porn?


2 Replies to “What Should I Blog About?”

  1. Hmmm… blogging about not having anything to blog about? I’ve done it LOTS of times. In fact, 36.2% of my posts are about not having something to write about and they garnish 57.9% of my comment traffic. (Using precise statistics makes them believable.)

    I’ve even been ribbed about doing it. I expect it from me, but I never thought you’d stoop so low!

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