What should I do in Cuba?

I’m headed to Cuba within the next 30 days for a week-long trip at one of the ubiquitous all-inclusive resorts in Varadero. I don’t think I’ve had a relaxing vacation any time in the past 10 years. So I’ll be happy to sit on my butt and do nothing the whole time. I won’t have internet access, a mobile phone, and I won’t bump into anyone I know. That’s 99% paradise just like that.

I’ll be there at a time of year when the sun doesn’t shine every single day and temperatures dip from time to time. So I won’t be snorkelling and kayaking the whole time (the extent of my physical activities).

I wouldn’t mind checking out some of the local culture as far away as Havana. I like good music and good food and natural beauty over cityscapes. I don’t care about the night life. But I’m pretty much game for anything.

I haven’t travelled much. This will be my first time in Cuba. Any suggestions?

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

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  1. Bring an expensive camera and walk around with the locals. When the camera is snatched, chase after the person but fall down and break your arm.

    Story courtesy of my ex’s dad.

  2. what is the story behind this image…is it the result of a enjoyable day on the beach or is it the forunner to something more ominous…if only I could hear the drums…then all would be clear….but wait…its a white drummer?…hmmmmm….and whats that guy got in his pocket…

    I sense a new challenge when you return from cuba…one picture…add the thousand words…

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