What The Fuck?!

$1.00 to fuckFUCK this website:

I don’t know, just had the idea one day and thought it would be funny. So I printed out stickers [with the word “FUCK”] in a bunch of different sizes, took them everywhere with me, and started taking photos. It quickly turned into an obsession, and now here we are. Now it’s your turn. Let’s see what you can do. Believe me, once you start, you’ll never look at signs the same way again.

Juvenial, but sometimes funny. There isn’t a lot of photos at the site, but the author has published a book about it. A book! Geez.

One Reply to “What The Fuck?!”

  1. Hehe, maybe he wanted to make everybody say “what the fuck”, the fact that he wrote a book about this really is hillarious…

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