What To Do When Your Morning Paper Is Late

One of my two friends has a dilemma:

My morning routine is always to get up, shower and then go downstairs and have my oatmeal while I read the paper. Generally, I go to the front door at around 6:50AM and my paper is there. For the past 2 weeks my paper has not been waiting for me when I open the door. The paper only arrives at about 7:15PM.This messes up my schedule and makes me irritable. My paper ‘boy’ is a middle-aged man who doesn’t have 2 pennies or 2 brain cells to rub together. I want to call and complain but I feel bad for him. But, on the other hand, this is his job and just because he may be hard up doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s not waking up early enough to deliver the paper on time (delivery is promised by 7AM). I’m torn. Do I or don’t I call the the newspaper’s offices? By the way, this is the same guy who took his 2 teenage kids Trick or Treating and was pushing a shopping cart so that his kids could dump their loot in it and go get more.

I suggested: 1) Ask the delivery guy why he’s later than usual; or, 2) Call the newspaper’s office anonymously, just saying what street you live on.

What do you think?

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  1. That’s a toughy. I don’t think the paper would fire him, but talking to him would be the approach I would take.

    Then invite him over for Christmas dinner. Don’t be a Scrooge.

    Just a thought.

  2. Yeah and it will be a nice morning ritual to clean up the glass every morning as the paper sails through the window at 6:59….but I m still with phil on this one call the paper have it done with…no anonimity just say you want your paper on time…

  3. It may not be his fault. It may be the newspaper getting things to him after deadline. It’s a common infraction. (I work in the industry).

    Place a call to the newspaper’s circ department when it’s not there and ask if there’s a late run on your neighborhood. One call is not likely to get him in deep trouble. Ask if the paper’s late everywhere, or just on your street. If they say everywhere, it’s the newspaper’s fault, not the carriers -> and you can blast them with gusto.

  4. Talk to the man first. If you don’t get any satisfaction then go to the paper. If I was the paper ‘boy’ that is what I would want to be done.

  5. Wait by the front door for him. Yell at him telling him you personally complained to the owners of the newpapers and they assured you it would be fixed. Tell him it’s a very simple request you have that you get your paper on time. Ask him, loudly, why he hasn’t fixed this problem. Before he can complete his thought, yell at him again, telling him that not having your paper on time will affect your ability to get your job done with quality and on time.

    Wait two days. Whether he fixes the problem or not, call the paper telling them they are all incompetent and that another newspaper you deal with doesn’t have these problems at all.

    Wait two days. Meet him at the door again, telling him he is doing a wonderful job. Don’t call the newspaper.

    Wait one day. Call the paper and yell at them.

    Trust me. This works. :-)

  6. I have never thought of doing something like that Geri. I think it will work too.

    Would a similar approach work say while returning merchandise to a store?

  7. Well I got tired of waiting for the paper everyday. Didn’t really want to talk to the paper ‘boy’. Actually, he gives me the creeps. I called the newspaper to confirm that 7AM was the scheduled delivery time. I also asked if the newspapers were not being delivered to the paper boy on time. The newspaper rep asked for my phone number. She then told me that the papers were being dropped off to the paper guy on-time in my area. So now that I knew it was not the fault of the newspaper I then told the rep my paper has been late for the past 3 weeks. She said the manager would be notified and that I would be credited for 5 days. Will my paper boy get fired? Probably not. Do I care? Not really. Will I get my paper on time? We’ll see tomorrow morning.

  8. Good idea geri. Then to really throw them all off burn down the newspaper building while screaming at them that they’re doing a WONDERFUL job. Then cut off your paperboy’s head and turn it into a “greatest paperboy of the year” trophy and send it to his family so that they know how truely you appreciate him. Then do a drive-by shooting at their house just after they open their present if they scream because only you truely understanded him and they didn’t really deserve the trophy at all. Friggin’ ingrates.

  9. Most paper carriers are self-employed contractors not employees of the newspaper. They earn a few cents each day for delivering your paper. The industry is brutal! Communicate with your carrier first! There are many issues at the loading dock that are unknown to most of us. Talk to your carrier to help formulate your complaint to the newspaper. The newspaper would be happy to fire anybody with seniority to cut costs but that is false economy. The negative comments previous are dumbass because they have no knowledge of the process.

  10. geee pender just curious as to what you give your paperboy/man/girl/women/mongloid/monkey/ for a christmas tip…

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