What’s That In Plain English?

The Plain English Campaign:

an independent organisation fighting for crystal-clear language and against jargon, gobbledygook and other confusing language.
We define plain English as something that the intended audience can read, understand and act upon the first time they read it. Plain English takes into account design and layout as well as language.

Their Plain-English translations page is amusing.

Their How to write in plain English guide lists eight ways to make writing clearer:

  1. Keep your sentences short
  2. Prefer active verbs
  3. Use ‘you’ and ‘we’
  4. Choose words appropriate for the reader
  5. Don’t be afraid to give instructions
  6. Avoid nominalisations
  7. Use positive language
  8. Use lists where appropriate

One Reply to “What’s That In Plain English?”

  1. I’m still waiting for some group to come out with a legal “language” that everyone can understand but holds just as much weight as stupid fucking legal jargon that only overpriced lawyers can read.

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