What’s The Going Rate For Teeth?

caitlyn's missing tooth 2007From CNN, Tooth Fairy economics ain’t nickel-and-dime:

According to a 2006 survey of 150 mothers conducted by eBeanstalk.com, an online toy store, the Tooth Fairy is giving an average of $2.64, with 60 percent of respondents reporting that they give less than $3 per tooth.

Three bucks?! 30 years ago I was ecstatic to get a quarter. I wouldn’t have guessed that the Tooth Fairy got so generous over the years, although I must admit: the children in our household receive a dollar for their teeth.

2 Replies to “What’s The Going Rate For Teeth?”

  1. I’ve recently seen folks giving their kids 20 bucks for a tooth. Hell, I wanted to take a hammer to my own chompers. I could pay off my mortgage.

    But, hey, look at that face. Smiling away, knowing it’s to document her toothless grin. The front tooth too. It’s definitely worth $20.

  2. we have been giving a toonie…when henry starting losing teeth I began making tooth fariy traps using marshmellows fashioned to look like teeth..the idea being that we would catch the tooth fairy and have her teach us to fly…we would release her unharmed after our extortion activities this went on for about half dozen teeth…each time I would find a sarcastic rhyme chiding me for attempting to catch her…then when cleaning out my dad’s house a couple of years ago I found and created the motherload of toothfairy bait…I will send you a picture…but you may remember what my dad did for a living…that is probably hint enough…remembering beyond the porn there was that illegal ….lab in the basement….

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