Whatever Fish symbolThe Fish Wars:

Today, on automobiles all over America, the Fish Wars are raging. On a typical day an early morning commute can turn into a near-religious holy war as Jesus Fish cuts off Darwin Fish, Darwin Fish evolves to make the exit ahead of Jesus Fish, Jesus Fish invokes divine intervention to prevent Darwin Fish from finding the last parking spot. It’s a never ending battle and Americans are joining the fray and choosing sides at unprecedented rates.

I like salmon.


  1. Phil I went to the fish site and it just strikes me as sad…soo sad..and I used to really like Marillion…

  2. Fish is a big fat, beer-gussling, beer-bellied slob who can’t sing worth a damn. Too bad. (Though it’s possible he may have always been a fat, beer-gussling, beer-bellied slob who couldn’t sing. But what the hell did we know about anything in junior high?)

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