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11 Replies to “When is the last time you puked?”

  1. I don’t remember. The only time I remember puking was a notable event when I was 17 or so, using my jacket to puke into because I didn’t get to the bathroom in time at some pub, then walking for 3 hours to get home, taking naps on lawns and paths along the way. Fun times.

  2. It was about 4 years ago. I remember feeling kind of hungry and it was late at night and I knew I didn’t feel right. I had some pizza pops to get over my hunger but I only felt worse. I went to lie down and at about 3:00 AM, I woke up with these sweats and my mouth started watering. I knew what was going to happen next, I ran into the bathroom and puked for 2 minutes straight. When I was finished with that, I had a good case of diarrhea. I emerged from the bathroom 30 minutes later after clean up my mess (I got puke on the walls) my wife had this frightened look on her face. I asked her what was wrong; she said it sounding like the most horrific thing she ever heard.

    I don’t puke often, but when I do, it’s a dozy!

  3. That was the last time I remember puking, though I know I’ve puked since then. I just don’t remember an interesting tale behind them.

    That tale you told was around the same time as my story.

  4. Jody, you’ve got a memory like bowl of oatmeal. The last time you remember puking was when you were 17? Right. Sure. You’ve spewed plenty of times since then. Jesus. I can remember when you were still living at Popluar Drive drinking some gutrot homemade wine with Dad. Choke cherry or rhubarb wine or some godawful thing like that. Out on the deck drinking that shit all night, I stopped halfway through the first bottle, but you and Dad kept at it, ya fools. I knew you were going to regret it. And you did. That night and most of the next day, you were bent over the toilet puking your guts out, moaning and groaning in misery for about 12 hours. I walked passed the bathroom door to laugh at you every 30 minutes or so. I’m sure you’ve puked a few more times since then.

  5. I had a pretty bad case of food poisoning almost two years ago, from improperly cooked chicken at a sushi place. I was sick every half hour from 11pm until about 4am, when I finally decided I’d had enough and fell asleep. To this day, I can’t eat chicken in any Asian dishes, and the smell of sesame oil brings all the nightmares back.

  6. When I was finishing high-school and two years of university university I used to puke about every second night, for a stretch of about 2-4 hours. After a few months I figured out that if I forced myself to puke the pain in my stomach would alleviate sooner. So towards the end when I’d just feel the onset of any pain in my stomach at all I’d run upstairs, throw my finger down my throat and puke my heart’s content.

    People wondered why I was 6’1″ and weighed a hefty 140lbs.

    After a while the doctors eventually figured out that it was just stupid gastronomical reflux disease and gave me magic pills. I’d pop one and any/all pain would go away in about 2 mins. Took em friggin’ long enough to figure it out! After a few months of taking the pills I had to use them less and less. About a year later I never had to take them, ever.

    And that’s the story about how I learned the invaluable party trick: puking on command.

    To answer the question about the last time I puked:
    I dunno. It’s all a blur.

  7. Can I change my answer? I got sick to my stomach this afternoon. It’s rare that I get sick when I get headaches anymore, but it used to happen a lot more often.

  8. I puked just an hour ago .. only after every meal and i kinda dont mind
    since im loosing weight but i cant go to a public place and eat now.

  9. Chelie, people who puke after every meal to lose weight are usually Anorexic or Bulimic or both, and those aren’t good things to be. You could easily end up dead. You might want to call the National Eating Disorder Information Centre at 1-866-633-4220 and tell them what you told me, or talk to your parents or your family doctor about this, somebody. (The U.S. number is 1-800-931-2237.)

  10. jesus….doctor phil posts on this blog…wow! hey i have this problem with vomiting and then having a strong desire to re ingest the vomit..plus when I throw up it gets all over my high heels and skirt…oh that may be aanother issue..please help me doctor phil….

    phil i am impressed and humbled by your sense of responsibilty to others…i think i am going to cry…

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