Where’s Jody?

In Ottawa.

Our flight from Toronto to Ottawa yesterday was canceled due to a plane malfunction, so we were transferred to another plane.

When we arrived in Ottawa to get our connecting flight to Moncton, we discovered our seats were taken: the personnel were told we wouldn’t make it for the flight and to give the seats to Standby status people.

The earliest guaranteed flights to Moncton was two days later, on Saturday.

Today, Friday, we tried to rent a car from Thrifty for the 11 hour drive to Moncton, but no rental place is allowing 1-way trips during the holiday season. The lady at Thrifty went out of her way to help find alternatives: bus, train, other rental companies.

We could wait at the airport all day today and wait as Standby on various flights, but I’m not up for that.

So I wait in a hotel room paid for by Air Canada until tomorrow, when I’ll hopefully get home.

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7 Replies to “Where’s Jody?”

  1. fuck man the fuckin language around this fucking place lately….eeeesh…oh i forgot to say suck ass… even rebecca the moral compass of swt has succumbed…to be fair I guess Rebecca is not really the “moral compass” but she is a fuckin libraian…probably the most upright of professions represented on this site…rebecca come to market some time to try the chocolate cream horns…

  2. Good gods – the day I become the moral compass for anyone is the day pigs start flying. And librarians are only upright on the outside – scratch the surface and you’ll find a crazy person just looking for a party :)

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