White Moose

A relative in Newfoundland took these photos of TWO white (albino) moose (is that the plural of moose? I’m thinking meese).

Two white moose in Newfoundland

white moose in NewfoundlandAccording to the Newfoundland and Labrador government they’re common:

Special protection has been provided for a rare and interesting white moose that currently resides on the Port au Port Peninsula, MMA 43. Sightings of this particular moose are common and local residents have assumed a stewardship responsibility towards this unique animal. Hunters who hold a valid moose hunting licence for MMA 43 should be aware that these licences are not valid to shoot moose that are predominately white in color.

Click the photos for the un-cropped versions.

(Thanks mom)

25 Replies to “White Moose”

  1. I have received 3 e-mails of pictures of the white moose, all from differant areas of the island, in this past year alone. Curious as I am, I did a web search and found this site. These are actually the pictures I was forwarded today! Curiousity brought me further to another site… If you are intersested in learning a little more about these beautys. http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/mnr/csb/news/2005/aug23bg_05.html

  2. I have been reading some about these white moose, and i have read a few accounts that these are not Albino at all.. just rarely ,white fur moose.. look into yourself. and you may then want to change the heading at the top..

  3. tht is the crazyist thing i have ever seen a white moose who would have ever thought

  4. hey ! im frum triton newfoundland and for ne one who quastions the eczistance of these moose they are real i’v seen them 6 times. there are atleast 4 or 5 know white moose on the island …feal free to give me u’r opinion on them E-mail me @ baileyroberts@hotmail.com

  5. not to be rude but you guys are all wrong, except for maybe one guy who is quite smart, that is a white moose, not albino, not a camel but a moose….get it?

  6. 1. Yes those are albino MOOSE. Not camels, not bears, not llamas, or big foot. We have them in Alberta as well. Have pics.

  7. it is a white moose and all white animals are sacred in native culture. all animals have white members rarely, and i was lucky enough to see a white muskrat.

  8. wtf its obviously a moose how the hell can u call that a camel or a lama if experts say its a moose its a moose and the guy with comment 17 u sir are classic lol