virgin mary on pizza panFaithful see vision of Virgin Mary on school pizza pan:

What the women saw was an image that is unmistakable to them. It drew so much attention the pan was moved to a nearby home, where it has become the center of a shrine.
“I see an image of the Blessed Mother,” said worshipper Vincent Santiago. “That’s what I see.”

How can anyone take this seriously? I wouldn’t want these people around my children.

I wonder if my cat’s excrement would sell on ebay if that image suddenly appeared in their litter box. Anyone want to try it?


  1. Comments are checked if they need moderation or if they’re spam. I can mark those in the moderation queue as spam or not. Your comment didn’t even make it there – it was marked spam right away; that’s why I didn’t know about it. I restored it (above).

    Now your brilliance is evident again.

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