Why Are You Afraid of Bees?

The chances of being stung by a bee are very low, but I can imagine that the low hum of any insect can be fearful.

Will My Neighbour’s Honey Bees Sting My Kids? provides good advice about the chances of getting stung and how to avoid it.

I got stung once.  When I was 5 or so I smashed a rock on a bee that was on a clover flower. I picked the rock up and the half-dead bee managed to sting me on my thumb.  It was a good learning lesson, although it didn’t instill any fear of bees –  more respect than anything.

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  1. Honey bees are docile until provoked. I do not fear them. Nor bumble bees, though big they are… and they are cute, too, as they bumble around. They are also very key to our ecosystem, along with honey bees. The sting of a honey bee shy’s in comparison, though, to a wasp or a hornet. I have been stung by all three genres. Thats the worst sting I have ever experienced – the hornet. But whats interesting, I find, in research and personal experience, as with most animals and even insects, fear can be detected. If one runs, you are most likely to be stung, I have found. I have petted bees and bumble bees. But wasps and hornets I would not provoke. They are very aware of movements around them. But generally do not sting unless you mess with them. If you watch one that lands, and move towards it, or you hand towards it, it will move in accordance. Attentive little buggers.

  2. There’s a typo in the first sentence of this post: “I chances of being stung…” What are you a Rasta now?

    Are people actually read this blog again? Weird.

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