4 Replies to “Why Is My Motorcycle Insurance Cheaper?”

  1. Good one Greg. Jody, how long have you had your license? It matters big time with Motorcycle insurance. After three years your rating is at its best. Maybe that’s it.

  2. I should send a video of Greg’s driving to his insurance company. I’m sure he’ll thank me as well.

    This will be my 3rd year having a motorcycle license.

  3. Yeah, new brunswick really lowers your rates like mad after a certain amount of time. Here in nova jerkland it has almost no effect.

    I’m taking collision off my bike this year, that should lower it by: not enough. I think I’m also selling the SUV back to the guy who sold it to me, for almost the same price I bought it. That should lower my insurance by about $100 a month. Having 2 vehicles just costs too damn much (registrations, insurance, gas, repairs.. it adds up). It was a complete waste of time having the SUV this year, I needed it on maybe 10 seperate occasions this entire winter.

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