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  1. Well it’s an unreliable reason, but I’ve never seen a Robert Downey Jr movie that I haven’t liked.

    So I go – aah Robert Downey Junior! Should be good, what’s it about? Superhero in a suit. Might be worth a watch. I’ll take my son.

    For comparison, when Ben Affleck appeared in some superhero movie a while ago, I went – aah super hero movied. Might be alright. Who’s in it? Ben Affleck. Ho hum.

    I still haven’t seen the Afflek movie, son or not.

  2. I just saw “Iron Man.” It’s not action-packed, but it’s engaging and entertaining and it’s got some pretty cool stuff going on. I was never too impressed with any of the recent comic book action hero movies, from Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men or Superman. I definitely enjoyed Iron Man the most. It’s a well-told origin story that paves the way for what I expect will be a more action-oriented sequel in a few years.

  3. Great review from Alan Sepinwall over at What’s Alan Watching:


    I decided to let my son talk me into going after reading this review and thoroughly enjoyed it and I usually hate this kind of stuff. But yes, in addition to Bob, I’m also a fan of RDJ as well as Jeff Bridges, so that helped. I love to ready http://www.jeffbridges.com anyway — he posted some cool behind-the-scenes pics that he took:


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