From format c:

I made a goal for myself to find out what would happen if I ran “format c:” on a freshly installed Windows system and decided to compare it to the equally notorious “rm -Rf /” in Linux. Besides noting how effectively I could trash the system, I wanted to see how the operating system responded, and what it took to be able to destroy the system. I know that “format c:” and “rm -Rf /” aren’t equivalent, but they usually are interchangeable punchlines to jokes, which is why they were chosen

His results:

Stop telling people they should run “format c:” because it won’t get you or them anywhere. Same goes for “rm -Rf /” (unless you know they always log in as root). While technically incorrect however, those well known commands are much easier than suggesting they “del /F /S /Q /” or “sudo rm -Rf /”.

(via slashdot)

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