Win A Canadian iPod is reporting that Pepsi is giving away iPods with reasonable odds of winning:

First, it’s only Canada. Then, it’s only Pepsi drinkers. And it’s very early in the promotion, so there will be fewer participants. Plus, you enter an hourly draw, so if you choose hours where few people are likely to enter (late in the day Pacific time, for example), your odds wouldn’t be ridiculous. Plus, you don’t even need to drink Pepsi to enter. You can generate one PIN code an hour on the site.

I don’t have an iPod and don’t want one, so your odds are even better now!

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  1. you said…..Plus, you donít even need to drink Pepsi to enter. You can generate one PIN code an hour on the site.” how do you know that and if its true tell me where to get a code without buying a pepsi

  2. Getting a free PIN from the pepsi site is gradually getting more complicated. They have removed the direct “no purchase required” link from the main ipod site and now have it hidden amongst the “rules and regulations”. Rule 7 has a link to the survey page. The survey itself has recently become longer, more personal info is asked up front and 2 more pages of questions are added, some so stupid you wonder what age group this contest is aimed at. (What’s heavier 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of recycled pepsi, there is no “a pound is a pound” option forcing you to give an incorect answer to proceed)

    It’s a cool contest (Why else would I know the rules) and for the cost of the prizes (2016 ipods @ 429 = $864864 retail, I’m sure pepsi got a deal) it’s a cheap enough way to get people thinking about pepsi every hour for 84 days straight.

  3. They just changed the site again, rearranged the questions in the survey this time. They must be concerned with people using “automated” methods to register.

    i am a poor university student who cant afford an ipod but wants one vvery much so!!!!!
    have a greatttttttttt day!!!!! thanks!

  5. Tommyboy, ever see David Cronenberg’s remake of “The Fly”? You know that thing buddy stepps into that changes him to a fly? That’s an iPod.

  6. coool yeah I want one of i understand what all the fuss is about…man ot have cool course back hairs….cool..

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