Windows Boot CD With Free Tools

Windows Ultimate Boot CD:

The WinUBCD is a collection of freeware Windows utilities. The CD includes many different types of utilities so you will be prepared when disaster strikes. The WinUBCD… allows you to create a custom CD that will boot into a Windows environment with network support. Perfect for recovering deleted files on your harddrive without accidentally overwriting them or scanning a virus infected system. This project currently has 50+ utilities included in the download. Anti-Virus, CMOS password recovery, password finders, file recovery, MBR backup and recovery, etc. types of applications are all included in the download.

This is an excellent CD to keep handy for emergencies, which may happen to me soon.

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  1. along the same lines, but another topic altogether, is making your own windows CD. nlite is supposed to be pretty good, but when you have raid, like myself, none of those damn things work!

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