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I don’t spend much money on wines. I recently bought a bottle of Francis Coppola’s Red Label Zinfandel for about $35 and it was no better than any $10-bottle of red wine from Jackson-Triggs. (When I don’t know what to pick, I go to Jackson-Triggs; they make quality affordable wines.) I might get a bottle of Chateau nuf de Pape this Xmas for about $50, but that’s the most I’d ever spend.

All these wines are more on the dry side. I don’t go for white wines or anything sweet.

Jost – Cabernet Sauvignon (Canada) – $11 (7/10) — Not bad but nothing special. Easy to drink. Not much body or complexity to the flavour.

Bolla – Pinot Noir – 2007
(Italy) – $12 (7/10) — A light red wine. Pinot noirs seem watered-down to me and subsequently they go down easy.

Folonari – Pinot Noir – 2007
(Italy) – $13 (8/10) — Fruity and smooth and complex. Not bad.

Errazuriz – Max Reserva – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2006
(Chile) – $18 (9/10) — This stuff is awesome. Philosophically, it reminds me of a good Islay scotch in that I can taste the earth in it. It feels heavy with sediment (though it doesn’t need decanting; like I’m ever going to decant a bottle of wine, anyway) and the flavour is full and complex. I can taste the oak but there’s a bold black berry kind of flavour going on too, and not sweet. This bottle cost a little more than the lower-end wines, but it’s worth it. It’s distinctive.

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