Winning Concert Tickets From CBC Radio

cbc radio 2So I’m waiting for my daughter’s drama class to finish outside in the car, reading the newspaper with CBC Radio 2 on, when the host says “the first 2 caller wins tickets to see Jasper Wood in Moncton on March 2 at the Capitol Theatre.”

Shit, I sayz. So I frantically dial the number as she repeats it (thankfully) 3 times, and no one answers – an answering machine. But I leave a message saying who I am and why I called.

I just (5 minutes ago) got off the phone with Olga Milosevich – the host of that CBC show I was listening to. She said that show is taped and she was just going through her messages tonight, and I was the 1st caller – I won the tickets.

Jasper Wood is a virtuoso violinist from Moncton.

Who wants to go with me?! Show’s at 8pm this Wednesday.

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