Winter Tires

winter tireI bought winter tires today – first time I ever had them. Four of them, too. 600 bucks (about 50 bucks U.S.).

I saw a report on CBC’s Market Place a year or two ago about how four winter tires are better than two, and any amount is better than all-season tires.

It’s supposed to go up to almost 20 degrees this weekend (I won’t know what that is in the antiquated American temperature system).

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  1. I was always a firm believer in winter tires. Where I come from… Shea Heights in St. John’s, you don’t get home half the time during the winter unless you have a decent set of winter tires. St. John’s is nothing but steep hills. Phillip could probably vouch for winter driving in St. John’s…

  2. I didn’t have winter tires when I lived in St. John’s either, but I avoided downtown during snowy weather, knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to stop and end up in the sewage geyser at the bottom of Prescott Street.

  3. What about studded vs non-studded? I think it’s an additional 80 bucks and you have to get it done when the tires are new. I am thinking the next winter tires I buy will be studded.

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