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13 Replies to “WKRP, funnier than I remember”

  1. I went online last night and downloaded all four seasons. Not a lot of seeders, so I’m not sure if they all made it, and I haven’t checked the quality… but if you want, I can send them to you.

  2. Yeah, send me the torrent files if the quality is good. Thanks.

    Four seasons? I thought the show was on for three seasons, tops.

    The “new” WKRP sucked moose butt.

  3. We had a power bump with some thunderstorms and the download didn’t finish. I restarted them. Three of them are looking like they’ll download, but one of them is moving extra slow. The quality will only be as good as the original TV series broadcast. When they come down, you’ll have to send me your mailing address. I’ll pop them in the mail.

    Check Wiki… there were four seasons in the original.

    • Bring ’em down in August if you’re going to be in the neighbourhood. You’ll get to see how the cool half of the Cairns clan lives. (I mean the poor half.) Thanks man.

  4. I’ve watched most of season 1 from the DVD set. The show starts off funny, but then they switch into serious mode and it doesn’t work. I forgot about the serious side of WKRP.

  5. the only serious one I remember is the concert where people are crushed to death with the general seating….there are other serious wkrp episodes?

    • Yup. Too many of them. Apparently they were trying to be more like MASH. Bad idea. The funny parts are still funny, but the drama plays like scenes from Days of Our Lives or some bad soap opera. Judging from season 1 anyway.

  6. I’ve watched all of season 1 and I’m half way through season 2. It’s a funny show. Some shows not so great, especially when they try to get dramatic, but overall, it’s a well cast show with inherently funny characters. All the seasons should be on DVD. Replacing some of the original music with generic rock music doesn’t always work (it’s too obvious sometimes), but the altered episodes are better than no episodes.

    The first season I watched was the official DVD release. Season 2 and the rest of downloads with the original music.

  7. I had to give up on WKRP. The first season is funny. The second season starts off with some great episodes, but then it gets too serious. That’s the show’s downfall. It’s tries to take on the issues and it doesn’t. work. The first season has a few dramatic episodes that are painfully inept. That’s almost forgiveable, because it’s so bad it’s almost funny. But eventually every episode takes on some serious tone and it kills the comedy. It’s unfortunate because the characters are inherently funny. They are not dramatically drawn characters. Making Johnny Fever talk about some kind of serious issue goes against the grain of his character. Anyway, I doubt any more DVDs will be released. The first season is the best.

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