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Now that work has slacked off a little, I’ve been working on SWT’s new look (yes, I changed my mind, again) and adding nifty features. The new design will have a variable width, as it does now (so the contents contracts and stretches with the browser’s size); it will have three columns; and it will have a toolbar-like section at the top for specific pages of the site.

The hardest part about designing the aesthetics of a website is making it your own, not just copying an existing theme. Plus, I consider this Phillip’s website, too, so his opinion counts.

This site uses WordPress, blogging software that generates the content dynamically. WordPress uses Themes to easily customize the look you want for your blog. There are hundreds of themes available, and one of the first things I did before redesigning this site is finding a theme I wanted to use, customizing it to fit my needs. Here are a list of sites that feature WordPress Themes:

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