Working Too Much

I’m working on a J2EE project for a major car manufacturer. The coding phase deadline is May 15. We’re about 40% complete, having yet to create the Actions (we’re using Struts), Formbeans, struts-ifying the JSPs; plus we have to finish code reviews and unit testing. It’s going to be a busy week. We could use some of these for the team:

desk that converts into a bed

(via you’ve been HAACKED)

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  1. This is my third staight project like this. In 6 years with the company, I have only seen it like this for me twice and overtime was only for 2 or 3 weeks in those previous cases. Overtime for these projects seems like it starts after kickoffs.

    Must be the coders fault.

  2. The coders are obviously imbeciles. Make sure they are vastly underpaid then bitch at them for having to do overtime. Then when the project is 4 months late, congratulate them on a job well done for being on time with the REAL double super secret estimate that the managers made but didn’t tell anyone.

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