World Trade Center – The Movie

title shot of World Trade Center movieThe trailer for the World Trade Center has been released. The movie is directed by Oliver Stone, starring Nicolas Cage.

I found the trailer disturbing and I didn’t even have the sound on: interior shots of the building starting to collapse; people in offices feeling earthquake-like movement when the crashes occurred; ashes from burning buildings and planes falling like feathers from the sky…

I have no desire to see this.

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  1. Oliver Stone is an awful director.

    I saw this trailer in the theatre earlier this week. I remember a slow-motion shot of a very heroic looking Nicolas Cage running out of the lobby of one of the towers as it’s collapsing behind him.

    It’s the opposite of a film like “United 93” (which I recommend).

  2. The republicans will use films like these to justify why they are at war. Showing everyday people getting terrorized makes peoples blood boil. It’s funny cause I play Vietnam and WWII video games all the time, but I am really disconnected from that era so it doesn’t affect me. I remember when 9/11 happened and how pissed I was. Sure I wanted the USA to blow up every terrorist they could get there hands on. Instead, they have gone after countries that pose no threat to the States.


  3. George! George! I think there is one of them sleeper agent…you know terrorist types that live among us…you know regular job, kids playing soccer..on that steel white table blog…..yeah and his name is some strange foriegn sounding thing…sounds like racoon ass…tell me what kinda red blooded american would name their kid after a rodent orfice…..George I think you should forget iran and nuke moncton!

  4. yeah i have yet to see footage of the towers collapsing…yes i live in a cave and only saw stills….but i get shivers thinking that no matter how bad my day may appear it is very unlikely i will be forced to make the decison to burn to death or plummet off a building to my death…my days are good that way…i agree with rekounas..this will probably be a military recruietment drive entertainment….at best..

  5. ohhh I am not worthy….i fear to sleep tonight as i fully expect one of the more awe inspiring greek gods to come and smite me…

    hey rekounas any hints teaching a five year old soccer…the boy just joined a team and starts next weeek… I understand round ball concept but not much more…what do you work on… just kicking the ball…from what i have seen the kids at this age just kinda move in clump around the ball…mayby some upper body elbowing would be usefull….i am starting to regret that i tought him that the toronto maple leafs were a cricket team….

  6. 5 year old soccer? if you can keep them from killing someone, and getting themselves killed, and somehow they still have some fun, that’s about all you can do.

  7. So their making a movie on the plot premise of Nicholas Cage running out of a big burning building for an hour and a half? CINEMATIC GOLD.

  8. Republicans use an Oliver Stone movie to justify ANYTHING? Not in my lifetime. From what I’ve seen and read, this film is a microcosm of this seminal event in our country’s history. It’s still a semi-free country, so you can choose to see it or not. For those who imply this subject should be off limits, to you I say the terrorists have won.

    Indeed, the scorecard since 9/11 is a slam dunk in favor of the terrorists. We have a government reacting with crap like terror alerts, recommendations for people to buy duct tape, using it as an excuse for the war in Iraq and the crippling blow to the travel industry. I work for a travel related company and the result since 9/11 has been for our company to send every job they can off-shore. Yeh, we showed those terrorists, all right!

    I’m sorry, but I refuse to be a coward and hide under my bed because of this terrible event. I live in Oklahoma and the OKC bombing was no walk in the park either. But, dammit these bums won’t beat me. I’ll get up every day and go to work, I won’t buy this bullshit from Bush and others about the war and allow them to question my patriotism and I’ll get on aa damn plane anytime I want and fly where I can afford to go.

    I’ll be in the theatre on Aug. 9. The trailer looks good, but they don’t always tell the story.

  9. Good for you. But I would make this recommendation to the States on how to eliminate terrorism; Stop blowing up the Muslims!

    They don’t like that. I don’t think I would like it if soldiers occupied my city or nation either.

    Bush and his collective groups of Dickheads are the real terror alert.

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