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13 Replies to “Worst Star Trek Movie”

  1. I think that is some form of physiological, or unconcious defense against traumatic or exposure to unfortunate events….watching these movies surely meets that criteria….or perhaps it is because of the “tribbles”….

  2. > The Final Frontier sucked the hardest by far!

    I don’t know, man. The first ten minutes, Shatner doesn’t do a bad job directing it like a western. Then it become completely stupid, I agree. But have you tried to watch Star Trek The Motion Picture lately? It’s pretty bad. Though I have to admit, it’s a toss up between those two.

  3. > Motion picture is the one where Spock does the space walk right?

    Yup, though I never make it to that part because everything leading up to it is so plodding and dull, not that the spacewalk is too exciting.

  4. re: The new Star Trek movie. I’m not hopeful. If the Enterprise series and “Nemesis” are indicative of the creative decisions being made at Paramount, the new movie will be a waste of time, an embarrassment. It would be nice to see Star Trek elevated to the level of intelligent adult science fiction as opposed to the lame, fanboy, childish, soft “sci-fi” that is now, but it seems the films are made my committee, which pretty much eliminates the possibility of a singular, creative vision making it to the screen. So most likely it’ll suck.

  5. Now there is a positive attitude.

    Shatner has been shut out of it ‘eh?

    Re: real sci fi, what are some of your choices? Curious, because I am just now getting back into reading it. Finished Old Man’s War a short while back and loved it.

  6. Who said anything about “real”?

    And, yup, Shatner is out of it, probably because he wanted more money than he’s worth. His ego is pretty big.

  7. I’m not saying Star Trek sucks. I just think the new movie will probably suck given that “Enterprise” and most of the Next Generation movies were kind of lame. Paramount’s track record lately hasn’t been so hot. As for non-soft science fiction, there’s not a whole lot to choose from: Alien, Aliens, Close Encounters, 2001, 2010, Contact, Bladerunner, The Abyss, Stalker — if it isn’t Star Wars or Star Trek or something that originates from a TV show, it has a chance of being less soft and more adult-oriented. These categories are very subjective.

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