X Minus 5, 4, 3, 2, X Minus 1

The Critical X Minus One:

X Minus One was a science fiction radio series on NBC from April 1955 through January 1958. The show feature stories written by some of the big names in 1950s science fiction, like Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and Issac Asimov.

All the episodes are available for free at RadioLovers.com. A nice alternative to television.

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  1. I’m currently downloading all of the shows. If they’re good (and in the public domain), I’ll play them on Mud Radio.

  2. I’ll vent my frustrations here instead as an update to the post. I downloaded all the “X Minus One” MP3 episodes with the intention of playing some of them on my webcast. But the folks at RadioLovers.com don’t know the first thing about MP3s — which is a headache for me or anyone who wants to download the files and listen to them later… There are 13 episodes of “X Minus One” per season, labelled as follows: 001.mp3, 002.mp3, 003.mp3, and so on. Real %$#@! helpful that is. Season two episodes are labelled as follows: 001.mp3, 002.mp3, 003.mp3, so good luck trying to save them in the same directory as season one. Season three episodes are labelled the same. Idiots. Furthermore, the files are encoded at 24kbps, 32kbps, 64kbps, and everything in between — how hard is it to pick a single bitrate? And of course the MP3 files aren’t tagged in any way whatsoever. But even if I wanted to tag them (and I tried), the order of the episodes as they are described on this page does NOT coincide with the order they’re listed on the download page. They didn’t even bother to number the episodes on the episode-description page. So the only sure way to know what story you’re going to hear is to wait through the introduction of each show for the announcer to tell you the name of the episode — which would take all day if you downloaded all 39 available episodes like I did. So I said, “F*%@# this!” That was a good waste of my time.

  3. phillip, google for a program called Tag N Rename, if you aren’t already using it. it may not solve that problem, but at least you can tag up any MP3s you want with relative ease. it’s the fastest way i’ve found to sort my music collection.

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