Yard Sale

Weather TodayWe had a yard sale on this beautiful day, trying to sell our junk like: a rocking chair that squeaks like a dolphin, cookbooks that haven’t been read in five years, plastic containers with missing covers, fishing gear that’s no longer used, etc. We sold about 30 bucks worth of stuff, but we had a lot left over. We took most of what was left to the Salvation Army.

This afternoon we’re having a barbeque, drinking beer and eating steaks. Wish you were here.

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  1. Jenny and I got up early today, had breakfast and climbed Signal Hill to fly a kite. We flew a kite last week, too, and it was great fun, but I wrecked my kite. So today we went up with a new kite, and the wind was perfect. But the kite went up so fast that, before I knew it, I let out all the string and the kite flew away, up and up, and then down, down, into the ocean. And we’ve got it all on video tape (both outtings). We just finished watching the video and laughed our asses off at me trying to fly a kite and then running after my kite. If I can convert it to a small video file, maybe I’ll post it. We’re having home made chili and/or pizza for supper.

  2. I was there and your wife wouldn’t budge on the Monopoly board game! She was asking $5 and I offered $4.75. Last time I try to do business with you two!

  3. Did you sell my rocking chair?

    I just checked your seti@home page, you have been a seti user for exactly 5.000 years. Gratz!!!! loser!

  4. > We bought a kite today for 5 bucks, but it was too wet to try it out. We’ll try it on the first nice windy day.

    You’ll get good wind if you’re close to the ocean. I tried flying my kite in a big field, and even though it was windy, the wind would come and go, and the second the wind went, the kite would drop. It wasn’t much fun trying to keep it in the air. Either a good keeps it in the air or it’s a drag. And when it’s in the air, and just stays up there, good fun.

    I’ll upload my kite video tomorrow.

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