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  1. Just got a shipment from ThinkGeek today for Alexander’s b-day. It’s a “Little Big Planet” action figure. Love shopping there for Greg and Alexander :) Did you know that you can order a “Dexter” kill shirt! Awesome.

  2. Holy crap this post is from 2004 and you’re commenting on it now? How’d you find it?

    There’s a cool store Fredericton that sells similar crap: Geek Chic. Support your local-ish economy! They’re on Regent Street.

    You know Alexander reads SWT regularly, right?

    Yes he does!

    I don’t know what a “Dexter” is.

  3. Oh, I see how you found out about this – it’s an old post that was posted on twitter – that’s an automatic thing I forgot about. Cool!

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