Yip Yip Yip Yip: Martians On Sesame Street

I haven’t seen this in about 30 years. It made me laugh out loud.

Their reaction to the phone ringing is memorable. Hell, the whole thing is memorable.

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  1. my kids completely accept the aliens but are unsure of the strange device on the table with the round wheel and club like thing at the top attached by a curly cable…..

    i think i like this as much as an adult as i did as a kid….can you get the muppets on dvd…i was trying to remember the song sweetems sang…this came up because steph tried to throw my animal puppet away….

  2. This is directed to His Honourable, Tommyboy (is is “Honourable” now, right?).

    Rent the first DVD of “The Muppet Show” that includes the pilot episode. It was different from the rest of the shows that followed, and some skits are downright freaky, and brilliant.

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