You can Shove “No Problem” Up Your…

I never hear “You’re welcome” anymore, except from my mouth; it’s always “No problem” now. I hate that. I found this summary on the net somewhere but I can’t find the reference anymore:

“No problem”: It is an appalling statement of egotism on the part of the service provider and any customer service trainer worth their salt should ban its use.

I don’t care if it’s a problem, and by saying “No problem” you’re implying it could’ve been. I may soon respond with “What’s no problem?”, and then get in a heated a discussion about HOW STUPID THAT PHRASE IS!

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  1. I’m not worried about people who say “no problem.” Some people say “no worries,” too, and it doesn’t bother me, because most of them are decent, friendly, intelligent people. You’re just a sour old pill, Jody. Who gives a shit about “no problem”? If you’re going to rant about stupid things people say, aim at a legitimate target. For instance, people who say “dude” all the time. Just about everyone I’ve ever met who called me “dude” was an asshole. But a lot of people say “no problem,” assholes and non-assholes alike.

    On the subject of killing people: Someone should write an SF story where every cell phone on the planet blows up. That’s one way to make the world a better place. Kill everyone with a cell phone. And everyone who says “Dude”.

  2. OMG, cellular telephones are the DEVIL! Imagine, walking around and able to communicate with people when you need to at any time you’d like. What is the world coming to? Next they’ll invent a type of seat that you sit on it to take a shit, then when you push a button water drags it away, right in your very own home! No thanks, behind the tree is all the technology I need.

  3. “Dude” brings back a fond memory for me. As a teenager working at McDonald’s, one of my managers, Dick Kelly, asked me one busy night to put several McChicken in the vat. I responded with a cheerful “No problem, Dude” (Not realizing, of course, that I was breaking two critical Cairns life-rules). Well, he dropped what he was doing, walked through the kitchen, and wagged his finger in my face, snarling, “Don’t you EVER call me Dude again!” I replied, “So you prefer what?…. ‘Dick’?” He pursed his lips, stomped away, and never spoke to me again.

  4. hahaha, i say “no prob” is that OK? I think it’s pertinent where we work, cause you are ALWAYS being bugged to help someone with something, and yes it could very well BE a problem cause you have shit to do, but you took time out of your day to help them. So when someone says “thanks for the help”, i say “no prob”.

    jody is so SOUR!

  5. EVERYONE seems to say a variant of “no problem”.

    Tomorrow I’m going to complain about the words “Hello” and “goodbye”. Look out.

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