You Can’t O.D. on Vitamin C™

I’ve been sick with a cold for the past few days. It began with a sore throat Sunday morning and by Sunday night I knew I was a goner. I stayed in bed, drank lots of fluids and took a bunch of vitamin C. The sore throat was gone by Monday, but then everything else came down the pipe: fever, coughing, sneezing, phlegm, headache, etc. It’s slowly been working its way out of my system. I went to work for a couple hours today, but just the walk in gave me the sweats, so now I’m back home. I think I’ll be alright by the weekend.

I’m writing this post as a record for myself, so the next time I get sick, I’ll know how long it’s been. I can’t remember the last time I got sick. It’s been at least a year, though, maybe even two years. People with kids get sick all the time. That’s a given. And sometimes a house can make you sick. I lived in a house a few years ago where I got sick at least every two months. Maybe there was bad air in the house. Maybe there’s good air in the house I’m living in now. I’m just guessing. I really don’t know what I’ve done to go so long without getting sick. But if I am doing something right, here’s my best guess at what it is, in no particular order:

● I walk or bike everywhere. I avoid driving as much as possible. Fresh air is good for.

● I down about 3000mg of vitamin C whenever I feel the slightest sign of a sore throat. I’ve come up with a motto for this: You can’t O.D. on vitamin C.™ And I drink a few pints of water to wash it down. The best cure for anything is to flush it out of your system before it takes hold.

● Except for the occasional vitamin C, I don’t take herbal or vitamin supplements. I used to and then stopped because I don’t think they make any difference. This week is the first time I’ve been sick in probably two years, and I made it this far without supplements. Most of that stuff is bunk.

● I rarely drink more than two cups of coffee a day, usually only one. Caffeine pisses away all the good vitamins and nutrients in my system. That’s just a guess, but that’s what it feels like to me.

● Salmon, broccoli and tomato-based pastas. I eat them at least once a week because I love them. I cook with rosemary whenever I can. There’s always fresh rosemary in our fridge. Baked salmon with rosemary is delicious. Steamed broccoli with butter. Yum. Baked yam with butter and freshly ground pepper. These are all staples in our house. Simple and easy and quick.

● I don’t eat anything white. No white bread. No white pastas. No white rice. I’m not fanatic about any of this stuff, but not eating white food is easy. (It’s not like I’m a vegan.)

● I eat plenty of bacon and Italian sausage. I also eat tofu and stir-fry and vegetarian chilli. The only thing I really avoid is anything deep-fried. But once in a while I say what the hell. Everything in moderation.

● I eat a lot of chocolate. Maybe not every day, but in the run of a week, I’ll have at least one or two chocolate bars, solid milk chocolate or dark chocolate, whatever I’m in the mood for.

● I don’t watch commercial TV or listen to commercial radio. I don’t know how people do it without becoming brain-damaged or depressed.

● I always have a basket of fresh fruit in the house. Apples, oranges, bananas (always bananas), whatever else happens to be in season.

● I eat my fair share of junk food. I like Coca-Cola. Sue me. Although I usually restrict my junk food intake to weekend evenings.

● I exercise whenever I can. I go for hikes, long bike rides, I sometimes play squash. But I’m not strict about any of it. If I haven’t gone for a bike ride in a week or so, I don’t miss it.

● I don’t drink much alcohol. I’m a moderate drinker of single-malt scotch and quality home brew, but I often go weeks or even months without drinking.

● Whenever I can, I buy local and I buy organic.

● UPDATE: I forgot to say that I wash my hands often. I don’t use anti-bacterial soap, because that stuff is bad for you. I use regular soap and I wash my hands before I handle food or before I eat. I don’t always remember to wash my hands, but most of the time I do keep them clean.

That’s the best I can tell you. It’s nothing special, I know. Now let’s see how long it is before I get sick again…

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4 Replies to “You Can’t O.D. on Vitamin C™”

  1. Hey do I have good news and spread the word please

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    I bought a colloidal silver generator a while back

    I was coming down with a cold so I gargled and drank about 8oz of
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    In the 1930’s when we went to a doctor he would give us silver water,
    that fell away after ’38 when big pharma came on the scene with
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    If you study history ever since big pharma controlled the medical trades we have more cancer than ever.

    I saw an interview with Salk who admitted that cancer viruses got into the vaccinations from the bio-weapons lab

    in the 30’s cancers were about 1 in 33 and now they are around 1 in 5
    and the medical industry considers that normal?

    my son who is 21 never got a vaccination in his life his immune system
    is great, and his intelligence levels were never dampened by these dangerous compounds like mercury and aluminum and cancer viruses.

    governments as a whole are not good for us yes there are good hard working people in gov but I’m talking about the elite compartamentalized aspects of secret government.

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  2. Damn it, I didn’t last as long I thought I expected. I’ve been sick with a flu for the past week and it’s still not finished with me. I got a cold around the beginning of April, but I couldn’t stay home and rest, so it just sort incubated inside for a while. Then just when I thought it was gone, it came back worse than before and I’ve been out of commission for the past 2 days. I’m picking up some Buckley’s Mixture today.

  3. Did you do your vitamin C trick? I didn’t get sick this winter, which is the first winter that’s happened in probably my entire life. My trick this time was when I felt like shit I didn’t go to the gym and took it easy. Although I’m probably just using that as my excuse as to why I was lazy all winter.

  4. Did you do your vitamin C trick?

    Nope. I was so busy with work, I didn’t have time to even think to take my vitamin C. And that’s what did me in, not taking my vitamins and not slowing down to take care of myself.

    The day I started to feel the cold coming on with a sore throat is the day I started work on a new shoot — when I should have just stayed home and taken my vitamins. That was near the beginning of April. I’ve been working every single day since then, including weekends.

    I’m not letting work take over my life like that again. Not having a single day of rest for a month sucked and I’d say it weakened my immune system. I wasn’t eating as well either. So in the end, I got what I deserved.

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