2 Replies to “Your Global Crisis”

  1. Here are some of the high-lights:

    – World population [which] stands at 6.4 billion [is] growing by 74 million a year [and] is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050…

    BILLION dollars a day is spent on the military world wide.

    – In the United States… malls are more prevalent than high schools…

    – …half of all species on Earth [may] be extinct in the next 50 years.

    – Only 20 percent of the original forest on Earth remains today as large, relatively undisturbed ‘frontier forests.’ And half of this frontier forest is threatened by human activity, mostly by logging.

    – The United Nations lists 86 countries that can’t grow or buy enough food and predicts that by 2010 global food supply will begin to fall short of demand.” [That’s less than 6 years from now.]

    – The 1.3 billion cattle (weighing more than all of humanity) have degraded a quarter of the planet’s land surface.

    – $40 billion a year — about what consumers spend on cosmetics — would provide everyone on Earth with clean water, sanitation, health care, adequate nutrition and education.

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