The End of an Era:

Software developers, I’ve got one word for you:
They’re cheap. Everyone focuses on this. After all, eight developers for the price of one is hard to argue with — it’s a veritable Wal-Mart of developers over there.
Microsoft’s India Development Center (IDC) is growing like gangbusters […] One of IDC’s main goals is to replicate the successful software development model of the Redmond campus. And Microsoft’s just one example — everybody’s doing this. The 2.3 IT companies that aren’t are going to start next month.
Be afraid. Be very afraid. And prepare to train your replacement on your way out.
I’ve exaggerated a little. Not all of us will lose our jobs, of course. Just most of us. Those left behind will have much lower salaries. The math is simple — the inevitability, manifest. You can choose to deny it or try to defy it, but it doesn’t make the laws of supply and demand any less true.

The author is a software development manager at Microsoft.

I’ve always wanted to be a truck driver, or a librarian.


  1. The company you work for (who out-source to India), and all such software develping companies, are scum.

    I got nothing against India. I’m just in a bad mood.

  2. When you posted this article, Jody, did the URL just take you to a screen indicating that the guy’s site had been hacked? Or is that something that just happened? If the latter is true, then those India Developers are learning fast….with a vengence!!

  3. Are you sure about that number. I thought that was the number of times one has sex(with their spouse) after marraige and having 1.75 children. Hey Jody didn’t you just have your second “fruit of your loin”…

  4. Your job comes to india coz u guys dont study… bunch of idiots… good for nothing creatures,,,, go n study first and stop taking drugs,,, ullu ke patho …

  5. Tommyboy, I took one look at his/her punctuation and thought it was just you messing with us.

    But yeah, we got told.

    I think the real reasons so many tech jobs are going to India are: 1) Unsurpassed spelling and punctuation. 2) It’s a whole lot cheaper to pay people in India to do the job. 3) The tech guys in India study stuff. 4) They never do drugs in the country that invented hashish. 5) And they’re good creatures, not ullu ke pathos (which I believe means jackasses).

  6. u guys r bunch of idiots… random exaggerated ellipsis with commas instead of periods,,,, go study and learn indianese… we work for almost free cause we’re smart from study…

  7. beggers !! you talk abt puntuation huh.. atleast we know ur language .. can u speak our language?? Yes no maybe.. Your credit cards , your mortgages, all u people widout paying ypur credit cards .. You keep asking for loans which means u beg!!! keep begging ,, but please take care Credit ratings!! otherwise u will not ant alms!

  8. I beg your pardon, I ant alms at least 50 times a day and I have the video to prove it!

    Why would I learn the language of a third world country? So that I can one day move away from my country and work there and make almost no money at all and have to crawl over a billion other humans to get to work every day and live in squalor? That sounds great, and a real incentive for me to go that route, thanks!

    I have to disagree, you do not know our language.

    I was actually learning a few hindu words from some cool guys that came over to take my job a couple of years ago. I’ve since forgotten it all from disuse, but still the effort was made and it was kind of fun. They weren’t like you mr. reply for fools, you’re just a jerk.

  9. I was on the french river…I wish I had written that….oh I will send ya photos…for your camping posts…

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