Your Life As A Doll… Er, Action Figure

So you wanna be an action figure?
Personalized Action Figures:

Just picture this: you are sitting at work doing paper work when you look on your desk and see your own AndGor Personalized Action Figure of yourself staring back at you! You look away. You look back. You try to look away again but your eyes meet! It’s Play Time! Five minutes later you are saving the world from the evil paper clip demons when your boss walks in with this weeks reports. Ooops!
Well if you think you can take the pressure, then read on. We are going to tell you all you ever wanted to know about becoming an action figure. So read on if you dare!

I couldn’t find any information about the price except these forboding statements:

If you agree to commission AndGor to do a personalized figure we will require 50% or more of the overall total as deposit to begin the custom work and gather materials. Keep in mind this is a custom figure and it requires lots of time and effort.

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