Your Most Serious Injury

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My Most Serious Injury

My future wife and I were on a 4-wheeler in the middle of nowhere, Newfoundland. We lost control on a rough section of a dirt road. Next thing I remember is lying on my stomach with the 4-wheeler on my back, pinning me to the ground; and I couldn’t move – I felt paralyzed, and I started to panic. I remember raising my voice to GET THIS FUCKING MACHINE OFF ME, experiencing a euphoric wave of relief when I crawled out and discovered I wasn’t paralyzed.

We were wearing helmets; we would’ve been dead without them. No injuries except for the machine, which started to leak oil, although I managed to start it and made it back to the cabin.

So my story title is wrong: no injuries. Maybe I should’ve titled it My Most Serious Accident.

What’s your story?

3 Replies to “Your Most Serious Injury”

  1. after working a double shift, and having about 3 hours of sleep I drove with a friend to st. fx in antigonish to look for an apartment for the coming school year. On the way home just outside of Antigonish I had a seizure while driving, my foot pressed against the acellerator. My collegue braced for impact and she claims the last speed she saw registered as we careened across the highway and into the landscape was over 140 km/hour.

    I of course remember none of this and the first memories are of feeling the cool night air across my face as I was lifted, spine boarded and placed in an awaiting ambulance….my time lifegurarding, working on ambulances and in the hospital did not provide welcome thoughts at that moment.

    the car was my future inlaws, the friend my future “best man”…it was a four door volvo dl was totaled but both of us while bruised and sore..”walked” away from the accident..gotta love those swedes…and assembled in halifax to boot…

    fortuanatly, for me, the more serious accidents I was involved with were as a responder not an “active participant”

  2. I had a wreck when I was 8 months pregnant. It didn’t really hurt me but it scared me so badly I thought I was going to have the baby right then. I didn’t, but I let the bastard who hit me keep thinking it.

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