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I got a banjo last week and now I want to watch these Frailing Banjo Lessons posted on YouTube — but I don’t want to watch them on my PC monitor. The only time I watch a video on my PC (and these lessons are over 30 minute each) is when I’m working on the video — editing, etc. But when I want to have fun, sitting in front of my PC doesn’t cut it. So…

Does anyone know how to download YouTube videos (i.e., flash videos) and convert them to a file format (e.g., AVI, MPEG, MOV) that I can easily convert to DVD? seems to freeze at the 90% mark during the conversion process (at least with these large videos). Any recommendations besides

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  1. Phillip, did you know that four of his 30-minute lessons are also at

    These are *.avi files, so they are a lot more usable than the YouTube videos.

  2. I guess you missed the “Any recommendations besides” question at the end. And I think I’ve already tried the sites on your list. But thanks anyway.

    Any recommendations from anyone who’s actually done it and knows it works?

    I’m impatient with this kind of technology, but I’m not completely lazy. I’m asking because I’ve tried and failed to figure this out in the past couple days. I’m not interested in wasting any more time on it, that’s all. Thanks.

  3. By the way, Patrick’s videos are good for getting started, but don’t believe everything he tells you. For example, he seems to advocate playing only in standard G tuning (which is ridiculous), and I’ve even read something he wrote saying that people shouldn’t read the Banjo Hangout forum!

  4. I haven’t been practising my banjo at all. It’s a cheap banjo and there’s a flaw in its construction. Certain frets won’t give me a solid note; they come out rattling and it sounds like shit. It annoys me so much, I decided to stop playing until I had a chance to get it fixed. I’ve played the banjo a few times with guitar, and it sounds great — when I’m not playing on the defective frets.

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